October 01

Celebrating Marooned in Aggieland’s First Birthday

Thanks to a federal judge dropping the copyright claim on the song ‘Happy Birthday’ last week, I can now officially swig pale lager from a vase, high-five the nearest bemused stranger and belt out ‘Happy Birthday to Marooned in Aggieland’ without fear of a whopping legal bill.

So, that’s what I’ll probably do.

For it has been 31.5 million seconds, 525,600 minutes or 8760 hours (not that I’m counting, or anything) since Marooned in Aggieland hit the shelves of at least a couple of bookstores (Thanks Barnes & Noble and Aggieland Outfitters – you the real MVPs).

Whether you have used the book as a trusty doorstop, utilized the glossy cover as an occasionally effective mousemat or turned to your copy as a last resort for BBQ firewood, I truly hope it performed well in all areas.

As MIA’s first birthday celebrations live long into the night and expand into the weekend, and into next weekend, and then into Christmas, and then into 2016, I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has been so supportive over the last year. I can confirm the sleepless nights over deadlines, epic writer’s block and the odd hangover were all completely worth it, and then some.

With around three thousand copies sold so far, it humbles me to the core when I think back to the day when I somehow managed to convince myself that chucking my job in and heading Texas to shout yells at midnight would be such a good idea. But it really was.

Hopefully another few dozen will fly off the dusty-wooden and virtual shelves, but if not, knowing how the Aggie family has embraced me will be something I’ll never forget.

Thanks & Gig ‘Em!


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